Pick Set ZIEH-FIX® Pick Needle Set "Novum" in "LOCKMASTER®" Leather Case

Pick Set ZIEH-FIX® Pick Needle Set "Novum" in "LOCKMASTER®" Leather Case

SKU: 3620

As a forerunner of the Electro Pick method we collec­ted invaluable experiences in our daily work and noticed that it was necessary to develop more pick needles in various shapes apart from the three most common ones. Especially when confronted with complicated lock cylinders difficult to pick, only the use of laser-cut pick blades made from hardened stainless steel may lead to success. These pick blades can be used with the Electro Pick and with a handle. The different pick needles allow the use of the Electro Pick in locks with narrow or complex keyways and also in locks with extreme lock codes.
The set comes in a leather case and contains 39 picks of stainless steel (3 pcs. of each form), 1 tension wrench and 1 handle for the use as a handpick.

  • 13 new pick blades with special shapes can raise the probability of success!
  • Made in Germany – developed and produced by A. Wendt GmbH 

Set contains:
3 pcs. Order No. 3515E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, diamond, 5 peaks
3 pcs. Order No. 3516E Pick "Novum": Straight Blade
3 pcs. Order No. 3518E Pick "Novum": Curved Blade
3 pcs. Order No. 3621E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, 1 peak
3 pcs. Order No. 3622E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, 2 peaks
3 pcs. Order No. 3623E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, 3 peaks
3 pcs. Order No. 3624E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, half peak
3 pcs. Order No. 3625E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, change
3 pcs. Order No. 3626E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, 6 peaks
3 pcs. Order No. 3627E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, Diamond Tip
3 pcs. Order No. 3628E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, 6 peaks, double-edged
3 pcs. Order No. 3629E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, 5 peaks
3 pcs. Order No. 3630E Pick "Novum": Rake Tip, Half Ball Tip
1 pc.   Order No. 3640   Handle for "Novum" Picks
1 pc.   Order No. 3641   Allen Wrench, 2.5 mm
1 pc.   Order No. 3474   Tension Wrench TR-11 (3 1/4" / 8.25 cm)

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