Wendt ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit (Basic)

Wendt ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit (Basic)

SKU: 1104-Z
  • The hard-top case with handle and carrying belt contains the most common use tools for the door opening!

The tools are arranged in foam-lined interior.

The Tool Kit "Bell" contains:

1 pc. Order No. 1.2809/B CS      Outdoor Case, black without content
1 pc. Order No. 1002                 ZIEH-FIX®
1 pc. Order No. 1084 KIR-PZ      Power Cracker "Master Professional"
1 pc. Order No. 1005-RA.PROX  Proxxon-Speeder Ratchet, width across flats 17 and 19
1 pc. Order No. 1003                 ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for profile cylinder locks
1 pc. Order No. 1070                 T-bar Screw Driver TX 20
1 pc. Order No. 1077                 Plastic Profile Cylinder Key
1 pc. Order No. 1085                 Door Latch Opening Needle Set
1 pc. Order No. 1098                 Door Latch Opening Card Set
2 pcs. Order No. 1202-10           ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Extra", Package with 10 pcs., 4.2 mm dia.
2 pcs. Order No. 1203-10           ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Super", Package with 10 pcs., 4,8 mm dia.
2 pcs. Order No. 1204-10           ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Spezial", Package with 10 pcs., 5,5 mm dia.

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