Wendt Plug Spinner "Flipper" V2

Wendt Plug Spinner "Flipper" V2

SKU: 3501-V2

The cylinder plug accelerator "Flipper" is used after successful picking the lock with. The accelerator is thrilled according to the necessary rotation direction and removes the cylinder plug after release of the tension in a fast rotation, so that the pins don’t drop back into the pin’s drill holes of the cylinder housing and will possibly lock.

The "Flipper" will flip the cylinder plug past the upper pins and save you the job of re-picking.

The "Flipper" comes with two exclusive features. The two pins, quick lock/release feature allows for easy release of the rotating action. The sure stop feature prevents over-winding in either direction.


  • left-turning and right-turning


Plug Spinners are used after successful picking the lock.
The Plug Spinners are tightened according to the necessary rotation direction of the cylinder lock and after the release the cylinder plug spins so fast that the pins do not drop back into the pin's drill holes to block.

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