Versa Tilt and Turn Locking Handle

Versa Tilt and Turn Locking Handle


A unique tilt before turn handle designed to operate all tilt before turn systems including old turn before tilt systems. Locates in 4 positions 90 degrees intervals.

Unlocked: the handle will permit free movement from closed through tilt and into the turn position to allow the external face of the window to be safely cleaned from inside the building

Tilt Safe: with the cylinder turned to 90 degrees the handle permits free movement to the 90 degrees tilt position to allow tilt ventilation but the window cannot be fully opened, thus preventing falls. Once the handle is unlocked using the key the window can be opened in turn mode.

Locked: with the cylinder in the locked position (180 degrees from unlocked) the handle is fully locked and the window can not be opened in any position. For security reasons, this is the ideal state for the handle to be left in when the building is empty as it will also block the movement of the hardware if manual manipulation is attempted from outside.

Turn First Locked: by fitting the backplate inverted the handle can be locked in the bottom (closed) position as normal, but the user will not have the option of turning the key to only 90 degrees. It must be turned the full 180 degrees to allow the handle to operate, making it suitable for remedial fitting to older turn first windows