Abus HD CCTV Set: 4-Channel Recorder + 2 Outdoor Cameras (discontinued by Mfr)

Abus HD CCTV Set: 4-Channel Recorder + 2 Outdoor Cameras (discontinued by Mfr)

SKU: TVVR33204
  • Complete set with 4-channel recorder, 2 outdoor cameras, 1 TB hard disk drive, 3 power supply units and accessories
  • Incl. 1 TB hard disk drive for approx. 4 weeks of continuous recording
  • Simple and intuitive operation using a mouse
  • Live display and recording in real-time and in HD resolution (720p)
  • Recording via motion detection, following a time schedule or continuously
  • Automatic day/night switching for analogue HD 720p outdoor cameras
  • Recorder compatible with analogue HD and analogue cameras
  • Simple connection of cameras using a standard coaxial cable (BNC connector)
  • Full HD Ready (1080p): recording and playback at 12 frames per second
  • Ideal for upgrading old analogue systems to HD or full HD resolution


Everything in one package
This analogue HD package contains everything you need for analogue wired video surveillance with recording in HD resolution. The 4-channel recorder including a 1TB hard disk drive can record approx. 4weeks of 24-hour video data from the 2 supplied outdoor cameras. The system can be extended to max. 4cameras if necessary.

Connect and record
The set is directly preconfigured for use: mount the cameras, connect and then select the desired recording mode (when motion is detected, according to a schedule or continuous recording). The image data can be viewed live and in real time using an additionally connected monitor. The set is operated intuitively using the supplied USB mouse.

24-hour surveillance
Thanks to automatic day/night switching, the cameras are suitable for 24-hour surveillance in outdoor areas. The 24 LEDs have a range of 10m for increased security even in low lighting conditions. Due to their IP66 protection class, the cameras are also suitable for operation in unprotected outdoor areas.

Full HD-ready
The supplied recorder is Full HD-ready and can record video data in 1080p resolution at 12 frames per second. The set is therefore ideal for upgrading existing analogue systems to HD or Full HD. The set can also be extended by 2additional cameras, e.g. with existing analogue cameras for use in the same system or extra analogue HD cameras.

The effective IR range will depend on the installation location. If there are surfaces that absorb light or no objects that reflect IR light in the field of view, the IR range will be reduced and/or the video image will be too dark. Reflective objects in the immediate vicinity of the camera (e.g. roof gutter or wall) may also result in the reflection of IR light, which can disturb the image.