ZIEH-FIX® Ultimate Opening Set "Standard"

ZIEH-FIX® Ultimate Opening Set "Standard"

SKU: 1140-B

This set contains almost everything you would need to open almost any door.

This set contains:

Tools for latch operning:
1x 1079-C Door Latch Opening Glider Set 15/20mm
1x 1098 AGE-500 3 Latch Opening Cards 0,50mm
1x 1098 AGE-350 3 Latch Opening Cards 0,35mm
1x 1098-B AGE 0,50mm Latch Opening Cards with handle
1x 1078-V Emergency Door Opener
1x 1096 Square Bolt Knife 8mm
1x 1097 Square Bolt Knife 10mm
1x 1085 Door Latch Opening Needle Set

Destructive tools:
1x 1005 ZIEH-FIX® Bell Puller
1x 1084-E-MPZ POWER - CRACKER "Professional" for Profile cylinders

Additional Tools:
1x 1072 Pointed Pliers, straight
1x 1074 Screw Driver 1,2x7x125mm
1x 1403-ESH Screw-driving adapter
1x 0810 Bit-Holder
1x 1403 Torx 20 Bit TI-coated
1x 1005-RA.PROX Ratchet Proxxon-Speeder 17/19mm
1x 1084-IMB Allen Key 6 mm
1x 1061-E ZIEH-FIX® Special Cutting- and Lubricating Spray

Universal Key and Lever Picks:
1x 1068 Metal Universal Key short
1x 0755 Key Turner Set Set 2pcs.
1x Classic Lever Pick „Dietrich“
1x Classic Lever Pick - special version

1x 1003 ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for Profil Cylinder Locks
1x 1004 ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for Round Cylinder Locks
1x 1005-G 6 Adhesive Rubber Protection Pads
1x 1202-10 ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screws 4,2mm 10pcs.
1x 1203-10 ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screws 4,8mm 10pcs.
1x 1204-10 ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screws 5,5mm 10pcs.