ZIEH-FIX® Door Latch Opening Tool Kit

ZIEH-FIX® Door Latch Opening Tool Kit

SKU: 1095

Our Door Fitting Lifter is in principle applicable to all door fittings with handles, which allow a safe connection.

Especially door fittings of the new generation with continuous square operation are suitable for this opening method.


Insert the handle into the fitting lifter and make a gab between door and door fitting. Use the square socket to unlock the door.


  • Suitable for double-offset doors
  • Applicable to self-locked systems


This Tool Kit contains:
1 pc.   1094         ZIEH-FIX® Door Fitting Lifter
1 pc.   1096         Door Square, 8 mm, 72 mm distance
1 pc.   1096-FH   Door Square, 9 mm
2 pcs. 1097         Door Square, 10 mm, 92 mm distance
1 pc.   1072         Pointed Pliers
1 pc.   1085         Door Latch Opening Pick Needles Set
1 pc.   1098         Door Latch Opening Cards