Wendt Pick Gun

SKU: 1083

The Pick Gun is designed to easily rake open pin and disc tumbler locks. Rapid squeezing of the trigger bounces the pick needle, raising the pins or discs to the shear line. All you add is proper tension, and the lock is open.


This Pick Gun has a very strong spring and is different from the most guns on the market, our gun is assembled with screws instead of rivets, it can be opened with a screwdriver. Espacially, the coated of gun consists of lacquer can resist stain and rust.


Please note, the position where the gun blade is set to ready to use, is specifically defined. The big bolt can easily be tighten and losen by fingers whenever locksmith needs to change the gun blades for specific purpose, and is very easy to replace gun blade.


The Pick Gun comes complete with 3 pick blades and 1 tension wrench.

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