IRISTAG Multi Purpose Wireless Device Tracker

IRISTAG Multi Purpose Wireless Device Tracker

There are so many things that are precious to us in life and losing them can range from annoying to downright panic inducing.  This amazingly handy little tracker will make sure you never have to experience this again. The IRIStag Device Finder has been developed to be used with almost anything you can think of to ensure that your loved ones or beloved possessions will never get lost again.

The IRIStag has a number of different functions that allow it to be used in many different situations. Attach the tag to your phone or keys and they can be located swiftly and easily at the push of a button on your app. The tag will emit light and sound warnings so you can find it whether it is in sight or not.

You can also set a maximum range on the tag and attach it to pets or even small children. If the pet or child moves past the maximum range from you, the app will let you know.
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