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Key in the Lock

Fitting Locks:

We are able to supply and fit most locks to either residential or commercial properties. Whether its a British Standard lock up to insurance rating or just a regular lock. We are also able to fit Door Closers and Door springs!

If you require a master key system (where several locks work with different keys but the same master key will open every door too) we can make these to your specification and our lock fitter can install them. These Master key systems are perfect for hotels, rented properties or offices. 

window sash stop

Fitting Window Locks:

We supply and fit several different types of window locks, depending on your style of windows. Most insurance companies will insist on window locks that lock using a key as this stops burglars from opening the window easily even if they smash the glass and put their hand through.

Whether its window restrictors, window locks or even window mechanism strips, you can be assured that we will recommend the correct product to keep your property as secure and safe as possible.

New front door fitted

New Doors & Door Frames:

Our lock fitter has been fitting doors and frames for over 35 years and is highly experienced on all types of doors.

Whether its internal doors, external doors or garden gate doors, we can come and measure up and provide a quote. We can even repair door frames that have been damaged by forced entry or unauthorised access as long as they are repairable, otherwise we can supply and fit a complete new door and frame.

Fixing a Door

Lock Opening:

Our lock fitter can come to your property and let you in if you've locked yourself out while nipping to the rubbish bin or if the wind blows unexpectedly and slams the door shut (lets face it, we've all done it).

There can be many reasons why you can't get into your own property. You may have lost your keys while out shopping, had your bag snatched and had them taken, mislaid them and can't find them anywhere, but whatever the reason our lock fitter can get you into your property ASAP. (Photo & address ID/signature will be required when gaining entry to a locked property.)


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